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My first product review!

So I’ve been shopping for some new bedding. The current duvet cover came with the husband, so I’ve been looking for a new one that I like. Frankly, I like the current duvet cover, but I wouldn’t mind having seasonal options, or options, period.

Here’s my first product review: West Elm’s Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Cover.
In the catalog and on the website, this piece is a gorgeous, bright blue–it’s called steel blue, and that’s the color I ordered. I love jewel tones, and the ocean-y blue appealed to me.

Unfortunately, that isn’t what showed up in the mail. Instead of a lush, ocean-y blue, it was more of a flat cornflower blue. Which isn’t bad, but it also isn’t what I ordered. Honestly, I have no idea how they managed to light the photo shoot get the color they did, because it has nothing in common with the duvet cover I actually received. I suppose if I left the room half-dark and only allowed in natural light, I could kind of approximate the photo shoot. See for yourself…

Catalog shot:

Styled bedding, to the max

So this is what I thought I was in for...

And when I opened up the package:

Soooo, not quite what I had in mind.

...and this is what actually showed up.

Here it is on the current duvet cover:

And here we are with the bedding I thought would coordinate:
Not so coordinating, more matchy-matchy

I’m more than a little disappointed with West Elm at this point. And don’t get me started on the sheet set I bought that’s missing a pillow case. That’s another story entirely.


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My jewelry project!

My sister made herself an earring frame based on an idea she got from me, when I was living in an old apartment. So I’m stealing an idea from myself, via her.

Anyway, she has this frame in her room, with wire mesh in place of a picture, to hang her earrings up. It looks awesome, and she always knows where that one pair of earrings is. So I decided I wanted to make my own.

First step: find a suitable frame. I decided that I wanted a vintage wood frame, preferably painted and looking cool. So I did some poking around antique stores in town, had no luck, and turned to Etsy.

I found this:

It looked a little different online. OK, it looked a lot different online. In fact, I was more than a little bit alarmed at the color that showed up in the mail.

Step two: Figure out what to do about a color I didn’t like. Enter Art Media, and a can of matte spray paint in the color “pine.”

Step three: Spray paint something for the first time in my entire life. And discover that I would be the most hopeless, hapless tagger ever. I couldn’t even figure out that the spray can was being prevented from spraying by a little, plastic washer. Clearly, I am the brains of the operation.

Step four: Spray the bejeesus out of the frame.

Step five: Source wire screen mesh, from Home Depot, thanks to our BFF Sylvia in the door/window department. Sylvia is actually a family friend, who has now sold me and my husband five windows and the front door. She’ll probably sell us a few more things before we’re done. And she helped me score some screen mesh that was perfect on one end and squished on the other, and marked it half off. Seriously–ask if your local hardware store keeps the damaged screen mesh for crafts–you just might score.

Step six: Find out that the staples in your staple gun are longer than the frame is thick. Fortunately, do not find that out by stapling through the frame. Go buy smaller staples.

Step seven: Figure out how to use the staple gun properly, and finally get the mesh stapled into the back of the frame. Realize that your dining room table wasn’t the best place to do this, as some of the paint is now transferred onto the table, and will require elbow grease and a scrubber to remove. Oops.

So here’s what the frame finally ended up looking like:

and here’s what it looks like with my earring collection:

Moral of the story? I need more earrings. Time to go shopping!

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Back from the Dead

I’m somewhat notorious for abandoning my blog experiments. That said, I will completely admit that summers in Oregon are a terrible time for blogging. I have a fairly high-pressure job that took up a ton of time this summer, as well as filling up every weekend with everything but blogging.

Now that the weather’s starting to turn, wedding season’s almost over, and the inside of my house is looking better than the inside of a tent, I’m going to attempt to spend a little more time on the blogosphere.

I’ve got a bunch of projects in the works, as well as on the books, so hopefully this poor, little, abandoned blog can come back to life.

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Not a resolution, just an idea

I didn’t actually resolve to start blogging this year.  I also didn’t resolve to completely redo my house either, but since that ship already set sail, I suspect that I might as well enjoy the ride, and document it.  My name is Katie, and I live in Portland, Oregon.  I have a full-time job, a black Lab, and a husband as well as a 1940s Cape Cod house that could generously be called a “fixer-upper.”  My husband bought the house almost nine years ago, long before I’d even met him, and we started tinkering with it after I finished grad school a year and a half ago.

One thing led to another and the tinkering has turned into a full-fledged renovation that we have so far undertaken entirely on our own.  The only thing we enlisted a contractor friend for was the installation of two very large front windows.

The reason for the title of the blog is that I have long claimed that I do not have a DIY bone in my body.  I am starting to discover that I might have been lying all this time.


So the point of this is to discover if I really do have some DIY abilities, and what the hell those might be.  I plan to post before-and-after pictures of our projects as well as links to stuff I like, and probably other assorted randomness, depending on how the week’s going.  Hopefully it’ll be interesting!!

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