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Tacking another direction

My parents have this great dream of buying a big-ass boat when they retire and spending their golden years on the water. They aren’t really sailors, more like motorboaters, but obviously they’ll need to know a little bit about direction and all that.

My first inclination for this blog was for it to be a place for me to chronicle my and my husband’s DIY efforts on our house. Obviously, that’s still going to show up here. It has to–my coworkers, friends, and family are eventually going to get really tired of talking about my house.

That said, I’ve decided it would be more interesting to see how my DIY efforts in other areas start to happen as well. I’m not totally starting from scratch, but in some areas, I might as well be.

For example, my husband was teasing me on Thursday when he said, “You know, if we wanted to cook at home more often, we should have resolved to eat out more. Then it might happen.” He’s right–I have a lot of great intentions and fairly uneven follow through. Like, we got a Kitchenaid stand mixer for a wedding gift almost two years ago and it just made it out of the box for the third time ever on Tuesday.


It’s not like we have grand amounts of counter space, but twice in two years? Yikes. In my defense, it now has an actual home, but still.

So here we go–this blog is about to become my accountability buddy, and that’s a little bit frightening. Woohoo!


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It’s alive!!

I’m currently doing my very first loads of laundry in my brand spanking new washer and dryer.  I’m getting ahead of the narrative as far as the house renovation goes, but I’m so excited that I literally cannot hide it.  And it’s making me quote terrible 80’s songs.

That’s a problem.

What’s not a problem is my new appliances.  I got a pair of LG high efficiency appliances from Home Depot on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, since I don’t have an unlimited budget and I can deal with the occasional big box store. Plus, the clothes washer qualified for an Energy Trust incentive.  Which technically makes me a freerider, since I work for an energy efficiency nonprofit and would opt for the energy efficient…wow, that got boring in a hurry.  Sorry about that.

Anyway, I got a washer and dryer that make me seriously so happy and doing laundry is now making me happy again. Because I’m a dork.

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