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Kale Chips!

I have bought more than one bunch of kale thinking I would get around to making kale chips. Not so much. This time, however, things were different. I actually did it! They are tasty little buggers, eaten hot off the baking tray. They are a little less exciting the next day, after softening in the olive oil. That said, they make a terrific snack for movie, game or TV show watching, or anything else, really.

The recipe I used is from The Kitchn, of course, and here are the pics:

I know–the before and after baking pictures don’t really look that different. But it was nice and tasty!


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Not fun!

So my least favorite DIY every year is our taxes. I use TurboTax, and do our state by hand since I am cheap. And this post is largely to celebrate the fact that I am done, for another year. Whew and ugh!

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Clever and so apropos…

I read this article tonight and about died laughing. I absolutely love the idea of comparing a house to a relationship–so perfect.

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Not a resolution, just an idea

I didn’t actually resolve to start blogging this year.  I also didn’t resolve to completely redo my house either, but since that ship already set sail, I suspect that I might as well enjoy the ride, and document it.  My name is Katie, and I live in Portland, Oregon.  I have a full-time job, a black Lab, and a husband as well as a 1940s Cape Cod house that could generously be called a “fixer-upper.”  My husband bought the house almost nine years ago, long before I’d even met him, and we started tinkering with it after I finished grad school a year and a half ago.

One thing led to another and the tinkering has turned into a full-fledged renovation that we have so far undertaken entirely on our own.  The only thing we enlisted a contractor friend for was the installation of two very large front windows.

The reason for the title of the blog is that I have long claimed that I do not have a DIY bone in my body.  I am starting to discover that I might have been lying all this time.


So the point of this is to discover if I really do have some DIY abilities, and what the hell those might be.  I plan to post before-and-after pictures of our projects as well as links to stuff I like, and probably other assorted randomness, depending on how the week’s going.  Hopefully it’ll be interesting!!

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